Est. Kennebunkport

Born on a Sunday afternoon in Kennebunkport...

You know the feeling—it hits you every Sunday—like a ton of bricks.  It’s the dread of an impending Monday and the start of another work week. On a summer afternoon in 2008, I was enjoying lunch with friends at a local brewery in Kennebunkport, Maine. Just like any other Sunday, we started complaining about the week ahead and how we hated the thought of going back to work.  It had been a perfect that none of us wanted to end.  That’s when I just blurted it out—enough was enough.  “Why are we wasting our time complaining?  It’s still the weekend!”  We exchanged a smile, raised our glasses and toasted to the weekend.  Then, we enjoyed every last moment of it.  My new weekend philosophy spread quickly. I used the phrase often, and encouraged others to appreciate their weekend time to the fullest. Weekend Threads started with a single t-shirt—one that I made for myself!  And whenever I wore that t-shirt, I received compliments, nods and even high-fives from friends as well as strangers. I was asked—more times than I can count—“Where can I get one of those?”. I began producing t-shirts and even added vacation locations and fun designs.  They were a huge hit!  I decided to expand my collection to include the phrase “It’s always the weekend” because—heck—why not hold onto that weekend feeling all week long?

In October of 2010, was built to accommodate the growing number of weekend fans.   Whenever you wear a weekend tee, you banish the Sunday blues, and you bid good riddance to any feelings of dread.  You commit to total relaxation and fun.  You acknowledge that every day is a good day.
For all you weekend fans, you know the feeling—it hits you every time you slip on a weekend tee—like a ton of Saturdays all rolled into one. It's the feeling of total contentment.  Join me...start living your life like it’s always the weekend.